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4 Home Security Alarm Stickers
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$7.99 USD
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2 Video Surveillance Stickers
Part # 002
$7.99 USD
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4 No Smoking Stickers
Part # 003
$5.99 USD
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2 Car Alarm Stickers
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$7.99 USD
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Although your property may be protected by a security system, if this protection is not clearly marked, you could be inviting dangerous theft attempts from burglars. That's why one of the most important factors in property security is a professionally designed alarm sticker. provides industry-quality security decals which you can confidently apply to your property and be sure the right security message is projected. Our Authentic high quality vinyl decals serve as a visual deterrent for potential break-ins and are highly recommended even if you have the most advanced security system. Use decals as replacements for your old ones, or to supplement the ones you have to ensure full property coverage.

Even if you can’t justify the expense of a full security system, security decals from will go a long way to deter thieves, who look for easy targets and normally avoid properties which convincingly advertise the presence of an alarm system. is the simplest way to maximize your security and protect your property and loved ones. Theft prevention starts with a visual deterrant. Secure your property today! If you are interested in ordering a larger quantity of stickers or are looking to order multiple styles, you can email us at We would be happy to process your order and provide you with one low shipping price for your whole order.

Testimonials From Our Customers!

"High quality Alarm Stickers and excellent customer service. I feel more secure knowing the right security message is projected on my property.
Thank you very much!" 
David Cambel, New York

"I used these security decals at my house, business and cottage. I work long hours and my wife and children are at home alone. I installed a state of the art alarm system 1 year ago but did not have alarm decals on my windows and doors. I feel even more secure knowing the outside of my properties are properly marked to prevent potential break ins. Thanks for the piece of mind!
Ron Rapp, Toronto Canada

"Great product, fast shipping. Thanks!
Rehan Peleshok, Buffalo US

I've been the victim of a break and I'm now taking the precautions to prevent this from happening again. I've used your alarm stickers on my windows and doors. Very pleased with the level of customer service and fast shipping. I would recommend every household, business or recreational property to invest the $7.99. Thank you again!
Danielle Simpson, Boston

"Just by applying your video surveillance stickers on the door of my clothing store, I've managed to reduce my losses from shop lifting by amost 90% and it only cost me $7.99 for the stickers. I owe you a big thank you!"
Mark Randolph of Uptown Clothing Inc., Los Angelas

"I just purchased your car alarm stickers. These stickers are very well designed and are great quality. I have been looking for car alarm stickers that apply on the inside of the window for months now and I am glad I finally found a company that makes a great product!"
Bill Elliot., Vancouver